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Villa Rosaria feb 21

How it works

  • Every month the roaster selects a premium green bean, typically SCA 85+ and usually a rare/unique coffee.

  • Roasting to different levels leads to different flavour profiles in the roasted coffee.  One or two roast levels are selected, based on the variety.  Roast levels will be suitable for filter/French presse/aeropress brews and espresso.

  • You will receive 2 x 210g of whole bean or ground coffee at the selected roast levels.

  • The coffee origin and details will be provided on the day of shipment.

  • For each coffee a bespoke label is created for your storage tin.

  • In addition a tasting sheet is provided, which includes information about the coffee, origin, roasting notes and a section to document your brew methods and tasting notes.  No tasting notes are provided - so you can explore without being pre-informed.  Example in pictures.

  • On the 18th of each month the coffee is roasted and dispatched 2-4 days later.

  • To be included in the particular month, subscription needs to be in place by 10th day of that month.

  • Subscription is on a monthly basis, with a recurring payment, upon sign up.

  • Cancelation of the subscription can be done by using the contact form - we will communicate with you on the process.